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The Twirl of Terpsichore

Ken Young, mixed media on canvas, 16"x 20", 2023.

Terpsichore, in Greek religion, was one of the nine Muses, patron of lyric poetry and dancing. She is perhaps the most widely known of the Muses, her name having entered general English as the adjective terpsichorean (“pertaining to dancing”).


A Tribute to
Davis Dance 

I created this piece in honor of the 16th anniversary season of the Davis Contemporary Dance Company, spotlighting women choreographers, and uplifting women’s artistic voices in the Denver Dance community. I love the color purple and how it symbolizes creativity, royalty, femininity, and spirituality. 

Davis Contemporary Dance Company (Davis Dance) has been formed for charitable purposes with the intent of furthering dance education, and the art of concert dance. Davis Dance is a multicultural, world-class arts organization, whose mission is to enrich the lives of many through the powerful language of dance. Rooted in the disciplines of Contemporary Jazz Dance, but not limited by one style. Davis Dance will touch any audience at its core and elevate it to greater heights.

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The Twirl of Terpsichore
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