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Solarfluff Studio (Ken Young and Eric Pung) are creative husbands and natives of Denver, Colorado. Together they explore visual media creating a variety of two-dimensional mixed media works. 


Our artworks are expressive snapshots of our lives. Whether through media, color, or narrative, our pieces reflect the ways in which we synthesize the events that shape us, both positive and negative. Painting for us is a form of catharsis and healing. Our goal is to provide viewers with an artifact they can use to reflect on their own hopes and heartbreaks.

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PAST community events

Being involved in the community is so important to us. Volunteering our time and talents gives us an opportunity to connect with new people and organizations making a difference in our world.



art show & auction 

The Envision:You Art Show & Auction was September 27, 2023 in Denver's Sante Fe Arts District. Envision:You is an organization that seeks to close gaps in behavioral health outcomes for LGBTQ+ individuals through co-created community programming, advocacy engagement, public awareness campaigns, and evidence-based training. 

We were honored to contribute our stories and artwork to help raise funds for this very important cause. 

Festival of the Hunt

(Photo: Eric proudly standing next to his silent auction piece, "Festival of the Hunt.")

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40th anniversary gala

The 40th Anniversary Gala is an An evening to celebrate 40 Years of Prevention, Care, & Advocacy. 

It is an honor for me to donate this piece to the Colorado Health Network for the 40th Anniversary Gala. I created this piece as a tribute, not only to the memory of those we have lost to AIDS in our community, but also in celebration of CHN's work and services to prevent the spread of HIV through testing, promoting treatment as prevention.

Since 1983, Colorado Health Network (CHN) has sought to innovatively and equitably meet the evolving needs of individuals in Colorado living with and at risk of acquiring HIV and other health conditions. Colorado Health Network is a statewide organization and currently serves over 5,250 individuals living with HIV by providing a broad spectrum of holistic support services including medical and oral health care, case management, behavioral health services,  housing assistance, nutrition services, and emergency financial assistance. Each service CHN provides is strategically designed to help empower people eliminate barriers to treatment and care and to make healthy choices leading to increased stability and healthier lives.


(Photo: Ken's 40th Anniversary Gala silent auction piece, "A Tribute.") 

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